(s i n g l e) and​-​ready​-​to​-​jingle

by Nosy Mangabe

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Though a play could explain what I want in its name
To bill a lead actress comes off as profane
More than a bedding what I want is a wedding
But the road to your heart's a passage sought in vain

Just to hold your hand could make any place grand
Your smile makes the west bank feel like disney land
Lest it sound cheesy you make my life breezy
You razzle and dazzle me my little crayon

Beyond infatuation a D-day invasion
Of laughter storms when you're around
And how your troops fire off charms which I don't tire of
You left the sorrows gagged and bound

How the rainbow hates you cause you killed off the blue
Rest in peace Roy G. Biv you're no longer true
Though life lasts a minutes it's best with you in it
To know you're the one simple as two plus two

Pedestrian affairs light up like solar flares
When you're out with this ball of gas
And if I could plan it I'd upgrade your planet
By granting it the ring it lacks

Like a vampire strayed from his coffin by day
In love life's the sunlight that ushers decay
Before words and clashes turn our love to ashes
My bat batt your lashes and then fly away


released 13 January 2015
Lead Vocals & Ukulele: Kaitlin Pelkey
Backing Vocals: Maddy Parascandola & Elliot Marchent
Ukulele: Andres Ramos
Guitar: Hunter Burgamy & Elliot Marchent
Viola: Dan Lay
Drums: Steve Xia
Piano: Daniel Alvarez
Bass: Rodrigo Delgado
Produced By: Rodrigo Delgado & Elliot Marchent



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